Assets and Other Lies

Charlene Norman          October 18, 2018  

Let's have a look at the lifeblood of your business Our employees are our greatest asset. We have all read words like these, haven’t we? You might even have similar things as your motto. I suspect for most progressive thinking managers and leaders around the world; this is one of those de facto truth bombs we have been conditioned to believe. The fact is, it is the biggest pile of poppycock ever invented. Let me tell you why.

published on BulletProof Consulting

An Interviewing Hack that Delivers

Charlene Norman          Sept 22, 2020  

The whole interviewing process has become such a canned exercise these days. We all have standard questions. Worse, the smarter candidates have practiced and come in very prepared with such smooth delivery. Some days, the pressures of all the other essential things we have to do completely distracts us in the interview. And we are the boss. Responsible for hiring the best we can find. So head down, we keep digging through. Wrong. More than 20 years ago, I decided to change the way I interviewed.

published in The Maverick Paradox

Your people leadership

Charlene Norman         November 12, 2020  

There is a massive unemployment rate today. Thank you, COVID >_<. Yes I still see the usual hew and cry about how employers are having a tough time finding good help. That there is a massive shortage of decent employees. And that we need the government to come to our rescue and provide more training. As much as my heart feels for all the souls who are currently unemployed, I refuse to believe there is a shortage of decent employees 

published in The Maverick Paradox