Join Us March 10, 2021!



Ready to be a hero to a fellow human?

Join us on Wednesday March 10th, 1-3 PM EST for Keep the Lights On Forum, 2nd Ed.

We business owners and entrepreneurs are amazingly awesome at advising, guiding, and helping - both ourselves and others. We can see the whole problem and a way forward. But sometimes even we get stumped in an overloaded year like 2020.

What if we all got together in one place and tossed out stories and anecdotes and ideas of what we know works? Imagine who we could help? Even better, what if EACH OF US received just one cool idea?

Keep the Lights On is a two-hour Forum bringing together business owners, entrepreneurs, and ------ in a virtual venue, for the express purpose of sharing what has worked. This is not a pitching session. This is an idea-generating session. To that end, we have created for you a virtual venue designed specifically to foster ideas, sharing, and creativity. 

The Forum starts with an inspiring discussion about resiliency, moves into rotating interactive sessions of roundtable dialogue, and ends with a common-sense framework for personally prioritizing all the best ideas. 

After the Forum, attendees will have access to the KTLO ‘Ask an Expert’ booking calendar, and offers that range from free and pay-what-you-can, to deeply discounted. Because people helping people is the best way to stay afloat through 2021. 

Why You Should Join Us

Individually we can only go so far. But together, we can support, tap into and uplift each other. And most of us still believe in the concept of a genuine grassroots movement to give back to a fellow human. To build a relationship based on generosity. And to give back today, in the hopes that we all get back later. 

The old-fashioned people helping people has never once failed. For centuries, it has helped us all get better. And today, we need that—more than ever.

How will this work?

This forum is most helpful for those who have a full-time business. Seating is limited. The cost of admittance is $15 and covers the cost of the virtual platform and the registration service fees of Eventbrite. 

To ensure YOU get the best experience, we ask you to complete the registration survey. This will make it easier for us to add useful groupings, to allocate the helpful resources better, and to ensure elements such as B2B, B2C, providers to similar customer groups and other useful details can be incorporated. 
Registration ends the day before the event. Events always have last-minute needs, and web-techies need sleep too! And should you end up on the waiting list, we will run another session soonest.

Ready to be a hero?  Join us March 10 here:

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